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The Academy for Psychic Studies - Kangaroo Kourt

Why name them?  You already know who they are.

Kangaroo Court

Those accused of crimes against the people of the state have the opportunity for a fair trial (due process of law) as guaranteed by the fifth amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Even if you are facing a complaint from a private party, you still are entitled to protection guaranteed by the fifth amendment.

I know the fifth is usually perceived as "taking the fifth" and refusing to provide statements that may incriminate you but it says much more than that.

When due process of law is not provided (where the accused can defend himself and may confront and question his accusers) those judicial proceedings are called a Kangaroo Court.  It's called a Kangaroo Court because it leaps over the correct due process of law and jumps straight to the conclusion - which is generally presuming the unfortunate defendant is guilty until proven innocent and not allowing any evidence to the contrary

Even military tribunals follow due process, even though, per the constitution, they don't really have to.  It's the right thing to do.

As we have all seen, the right thing to do isn't the Spiritual Rights Foundation's forte.  In fact, to the leaders of the Spiritual Rights Foundation, the right thing to do (when viewed from the basic morals and values we were taught as good citizens of the United States) has not a thing to do with fairness but has every thing to do with whatever the hell one or more of the leaders feel like doing, no matter if it's right, no matter if the followers are adversely affected and no matter if there is no reason to do what they want to do in the first place.

The first thing that popped into my mind was an incident where Robin Dumolin was shocked to find that the old, expired food she was planning to push off on the unsuspecting membership as a nutritious and delicious dinner casserole (for 6 bucks a spoonful) before it walked off on its own went missing.  By using her superior and highly developed psychic powers, she knew instantly the name and motivation of the perpetrator.

A member who I'll call "Kenneth" was accused of eating the furry, dripping and infested slop from the refrigerator while Robin's back was turned.  Immediately, Kenneth's status within the iron gates of the cult went from less-than-good to subterranean.  He was demeaned as a low-life thief who preferred to steal the hard-stolen food of the Spiritual Rights Foundation's money-making enterprise than buy a decent meal of his own.

As Robin didn't actually see Kenneth steal food from her, she couldn't really say he did it.  However, it didn't stop her from saying he did.  And she ordered that padlocks be installed on all of her refrigerators immediately.

In classes, workshops, meetings, readings, healings, and whatever else the slave-masters had us do, we were reminded that Kenneth was the worst low-life known to mankind and that he and he alone would have the unmitigated gall, greed and disdain for the personal property of another to have literally raided the SRF refrigerator and steal the rotten, crappy food Robin was planning to con us into paying for.

I remember speaking with Kenneth at that time.  He said very clearly to me "I did not take food out of their damn refrigerators."  When pressed that was all he could say, knowing he can't prove a negative.

That wasn't a problem for the SRF leadership, though.  Kenneth's inability to prove his innocence just proved he was indeed guilty.

So from that day, Kenneth was treated like a felon.

But what really happened?

One of the hangers-on at the Spiritual Rights Foundation is a somewhat eccentric elderly man who occasionally attends a class or workshop but spends most of his weekends cleaning up the considerable mess left in the Spiritual Rights Foundation storage areas.  The bank of SRF refrigerators (now padlocked) were lined up there, holding toxic waste and other tasty items to be served to the unsuspecting membership.

One weekend, the eccentric man hobbled up to Robin Dumolin and croaked: "Reverend, I'll need you to unlock those refrigerators so I can take out all the bad and expired food"

Robin Dumolin: "huh?"

Eccentric man: "I've been cleaning out the rotten and expired food from the refrigerators for weeks now.  haven't you noticed there's more room in the refrigerators now?"

The padlocks were quietly removed but Kenneth remained in the doghouse.

Why?  Because at the Spiritual Rights Foundation, fairness isn't about truth.  It isn't about justice either.  It's all about snapping to attention and carrying out orders, no matter how wrong.  It's all about making sure the leaders retain the illusion of perfection and all-encompassing knowledge and wisdom.

They don't give a damn about what you or anyone thinks.  The SRF Kangaroo Kourt always hands down the correct verdict and appeals are unnecessary. The SRF Kangaroo Kourt dispenses punishment the old-fashioned way: they just beat the living daylights out of your soul, your, self-respect and every ounce of humanity you ever had.

And as Kenneth as a convenient target, he was on the receiving end of the Kangaroo Kourt time and time again.  No matter how thin the evidence.  No matter how wrong the verdict.  No matter if the crime was indeed the responsibility of another.  He was demonized over and over again and subjected to awful dehumanization, characterized as more animal than man, more insect than human.

Kenneth's treatment was far worse than necessary.  Even on the SRF relaxing and rejuvenating Weekend Retreats, where the gathered faithful would otherwise quietly unwind and recharge, he was treated like a disease and portrayed to those who barely knew him as a Judas, an insect, a turncoat and worse.

His is not the only story.  Many of us (me and basically everyone I knew there) faced the SRF Kangaroo Kourt at one time or another.  The Kangaroo Kourt met in secret, reviewing secret evidence, using their psychic powers to question witnesses through the ether and rendering a verdict and punishment unknown to the accused until their SRF "friends" confront them with their transgressions and demand penance.

Did anyone escape the wrath of the Witches who sit on the Kangaroo Kourt bench?


Someday, sooner or later, you'll be on trial.  And someday, the Witches of Ellsworth will hold their tribunal of evil to decide your fate without even considering giving you the opportunity to speak or defend yourself.  If they like you, they will listen impatiently before you are given the command to shut up and accept your ostracization and complete isolation from the rest of the brain-damaged membership.

If you are given the chance to redeem yourself, be sure you can afford it.  Your debts to SRF will have to be paid in advance (of course, your account balance will mysteriously show you still owe money), your dedication will have to be shown in excess and the evil influences of life - your family, your spouse and your career will have to take a back seat to your nights, weekends and holidays slaving for the Witches of Ellsworth for no pay, no appreciation and no recognition.

I think I'd rather face a tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.  At least the weather is nicer.

The Amazing, Unending Classes at the Academy for Psychic Studies

Someone asked what it's like to take classes at
the Academy for Psychic Studies.
Well, now you know.

The following article is quite likely the one the Academy for Psychic Studies hates the most.  First, because it's all true.  Second because, well, it's all true.

Not even one of the commenters would say none of this is true.  They only whine about people left at SRF being "hurt".  Oddly, that same commentator admits to seeing "the hypocrisy" himself.  It's a shame he didn't want to talk about "the hypocrisy".  I expect that if he did, he'd be in for a big dose of "hurt" when the Academy found out about it.

I think the people doing the "hurting" are not present on this blog or anywhere outside the wrought iron gates of the Academy.  I write an account of the real-life happenings at the higher levels of Academy teachings.  We know it's all true because we've been there and we saw it.

When the Academy for Psychic Studies made their failed attempt to sue us into silence, they could not point to an untruth here, they could only complain that I called their place "a prison".  But in the opinion of many a prison is exactly what the Academy is.  

Please take this account and make of it what you will.  And take it with a grain of salt.  If those healings, readings, six-week classes do it for you, enjoy them!  Just go into the higher levels with your eyes wide open and your heart true to yourself.  


The Academy for Psychic Studies is the arm of the Spiritual Rights Foundation that was formed to provide spiritual education to the public and its members.

Most of us had encountered the Spiritual Rights Foundation by way of the Academy for Psychic Studies. I have no idea why it makes sense to have a organization of a separate name to conduct spiritual education. The Academy and SRF were actually one and the same.

Classes and workshops were presented in the name of the Academy for Psychic Studies but oddly, the instructors were all ministers ordained by the Spiritual Rights Foundation. "Donations" for classes were paid directly to the Spiritual Rights Foundation, not the Academy.

Basic classes were six weeks long. Workshops, only two. Six week classes cost $140 at last look, two week workshops were $60. Those prices may have changed up or down. Probably up.

The six week classes teach the techniques of grounding, running energy and blowing roses among other topics. While there was strong emphasis on learning the basic techniques, the fundamental theory, the basic spiritual principles, were never presented. Apart from saying that the meditative and visualization techniques made you feel better, there was no real presentation of how this all works. No explanation other than it moves bad energy from your space. No sense of how these techniques are based in theological, medical or any other theory. You just had to take it on faith or leave.

Beaten into our head was the saying: To those who believe, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.

I'll add this: To those who ask why, no explanation is given. To those who are asked to explain, you, well, ummm, errr... just get the fuck back in your goddamn body and ground you fucking transmedium.

Once you received training in the basic techniques, you were now eligible for admission to the prestigious Clairvoyant Training Program. In the CTP, you will develop the skill of reading the color and picture contained in the human aura and make interpretations based on what you see. The training cost some $2000 to join plus some $250 a month, over $75 a month (in lieu of performing monthly hours of word), expenses related to "field trips", fees for "retreats" as well as related expenses such as gas and meals (the training schedule is rigorous enough that there is little time for more than a quick gulp of fast food much less a healthy meal and you tend to be in the road a lot, travelling to fairs and other events to have your psychic skills paraded in front of the public).

The unofficial name for the Clairvoyant Training Program was "the year class". As originally conceived, the CTP was to last just about a year. Over time, the "year class" began to elongate. it went from a year to eighteen months to two years and eventually to as long as the leadership wanted to keep you there. My contemporaries and myself were in that class for over a decade.

As before, the need to practice the techniques are reinforced almost daily. But the spiritual or psychic basis for the need to conduct that kind of technique was never disclosed. Nor did anyone have the courage (or maybe insanity) to ask. Our job was to sit in trance and learn how to put the techniques into practice.

Only after I looked at the blog and YouTube page by Psychdoctorate did I realize the basic techniques of running energy, blowing roses and grounding were indeed the basic foundations of mind control and mental illness. With Bill Duby being there to encourage and inspire us to continue to practice and intensify our dedication in the program, we were under his spell without even knowing it.

He said often that he did not want to have a program like that at the Berkeley Psychic Institute where people went through in two years. He wanted to have a community of people instead.

Bill got a community all right. And we got a prison. Leaving was strongly opposed. Staying "in the energy" by remaining in the "year class" was encouraged daily. Even if that "year class" took more than a decade. Staying in the class (and under Bill's control) was emphasized so much that we were led into exercises intended to eliminate the desire to be anywhere but in class.

Even though the door was open, we could not leave. Our hearts, our minds our very sense of self was controlled by a madman named Bill Duby. The Clairvoyant Training Program was just the thing he needed to accomplish the mind control he desired.

Once released from your indeterminate confinement in the CTP, you would be presented with a ministerial title. And yet another class. The minister's class.

The minister's class was originally intended to train ministers in the art of psychic ministry. The teachers there were usually senior ministers - those who had been ministers at SRF and who rose through the ranks.

It became a forum to study the works of Emanuel Swedenborg and whatever Bill Duby was reading at the time. Again, everyone was required to purchase the materials and learn the contents by rote without any reason or explanation. Costs for the minister's class were higher than the Clairvoyant Training Program. A higher initial payment, higher monthly payments, a more demanding requirement to work for the cult, more demands to attend special events (many "SRF parties" were not only mandatory for ministers to attend, the ministers were also required to purchase from the supermarket food and drink to provide for this event with money from their own pockets).

The minister's class lasted a lifetime. Or at least your lifetime as a minster of the Spiritual Rights Foundation and teacher at the Academy for Psychic Studies. Many would prefer to make that lifetime as short as possible and bailed out before things got worse.

The rest stayed in the hope of achieving the enlightenment and satisfaction that being a minister can bring. Those people "advanced" to the Academy for Psychic Studies "Revelations Class" taught by the founder, Rev. Bill Duby himself.

Like the other classes at the Academy for Psychic Studies, the Revelations Class began as an attempt at biblical education. The class was formed to study the contents and meaning of the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Like other classes, Revelations Class required substantial payments. And like the other classes, the "Rev Class" degenerated into something completely different. Something scarier and sinister.

The fact is, Bill saw betrayal and deception everywhere. Everywhere but himself, that is. And there was no better place to find the true Judas of the cult than in his own Revelations Class. Ministers who served Bill and SRF were roasted in front of their peers. And that roasting was not in fun as the Friars Club would. It's more like being sandwiched in a George Foreman Grill.

In Steve Sanchez's book "Spiritual Perversion" he writes:

In Revelation Class that night Rev. Bill started berating the ministers for being phonies and not promoting the Academy. This scared me, and I finally acknowledged the constant underlying feeling that I needed to do something about it. I really didn’t want to be part of the class

In Revelation Class and others, ***** was berated heavy-duty two or three nights a week. He was in a strange position. He performed several important functions for the Academy, but he was looked down on by everyone.

Bill started teaching from the “other Bible,” ... He was reading about how the giants had perverted and corrupted the holy church of heaven, but then he said, “*****, every week you come in here spewing hate with a phony smile on. That perverts the church. You are getting fatter and lazier because you are in denial. Always in denial, everything is always someone else's fault. All these bitches are complaining about you, saying you are always late and don’t want to pitch in and do any work around here. They resent that, and rightfully so. You hate the farm, don’t you?” ***** didn’t say anything but her face twisted in confusion, pain, shame, and anger.

Bill continued, looking back deeply at *****, “You are getting fatter and lazier because you are in denial. All that anger is making you puff up because the body is psychic. It has to have some way of protecting itself from YOU, the resident spirit. Your body is going to hate you for doing this. You need to get some exercise out here. All these other people are doing it. They are all busy. Some of them have kids, too. They manage. You know what the energy is, don’t you, *****? You guys forget—I can read!”
He was starting to boil, and then suddenly said with intense fury, “I can read SHIT up a gnat’s ASS! You stupid motherfuckers! But you guys don’t believe it, do you? I’ll tell you what the energy is, since you don’t have the courage to admit it. I warned you all many times, every time I have to solve your problem for you, you lose the spirit of self-discovery and I take a piece of your soul energy.”

The above excerpt illustrates the every day occurrences in the Revelations class. No real exploration for meaning, no discovery of revelations and no bible study. Just the spewing of vile, perverted and delusional hate and degradation.  For what purpose?  To deflect blame and guilt onto the members.  To create an atmosphere of shame and yearning.  As an abused child will work to gain approval with his or her abuser, the battered and bruised members remained, hoping they would be dropped a crumb of praise or acknowledgment.  They never got it.

After Bill's death in 2001, we all expected that much of the intense and insane behavior would end. However, it didn't. The Revelations Class remained the pinnacle of verbal abuse and degradation - even with Bill pushing up daisies.

Angela Silva and Robin DuMolin made the attempt to fill Bill's shoes and continue his legacy of insanity and unrestrained hate in the Revelations class. Person after person related the verbal abuse vomited from the mouths of Angela Silva, Robin and Debi in the safe environment of The Revelations Class.  But since the mind control Bill practiced was his and his alone, their attempts fell flat. Since they are pretty dense, it took a while for them to notice how much Bill's spell was falling away from all but the most weary among the members.

The disaffected now-ex-members were not only weary of the abuse but also emotionally drained and run aground on a rocky financial coast.  After waiting for years for the abuse to end, members began to ask themselves when it would end.  They finally realized the abuse had the opposite effect from what was intended.

The subjects of the attacks woke up to the horrifying treatment levied on them.  One by one and two by two, they walked out the door.

So, if you do decide that now is the time for a class at the Academy for Psychic Studies, decide carefully. Based on what I and many others saw and experienced, taking more than the basic classes resulted in more than the spiritual enlightenment and inner peace we were promised.

In fact, my recommendation is to get no more involved than a free healing and a copy of a newsletter. You can start the barbecue with the newsletter. Or line the litter box with it.

And the free healing is good for a laugh.

A few observations:
The Year Class - it lasts a decade

Minister's Class - it takes a lifetime

Revelations Class - you want to take your life

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The Academy for Psychic Studies - 100,000 Pageviews, WITCHES!

...and that's counting only from a couple of years ago.  All the clandestine viewing by your current abused staph members and surveillance by your cult enforcer isn't counted.  I guess I wouldn't want to count them, actually.  I take that back - I really would want to as that would push these numbers over a quarter million.

So much for the blog being dead.

For as long as the Academy for Psychic Studies exists and for as long as the Witches of Ellsworth Street continue their quest to hoodwink the public for readings that reveal nothing, classes that teach only how to fall asleep in a metal folding chair and psychic services that don't deliver what you paid for, this blog will be around to give our side of the story.

As far as the cult being dead goes, it's not quite dead but certainly it's been on life support for a long damn time.

I mean, look at the infamous Blue Sky Ranch.  The listing agent has proudly announced "sale pending" on this piece of garbage for 90 days now.  To put that in perspective, most residential real estate closes in 30 days - 60 days would be quite long.  That the sale is pending for 90 days is insane.

What is holding up the sale?  Are the Witches foot-dragging, hoping to squeeze more ill-gotten gains from the ranch?  Maybe but it makes more sense that they would want to close as fast as possible since the fucker was on the market for a whole damn year before the current offer was made.

Maybe the prospective buyer is looking over the myriad of legalities of ownership in the Bethel Island area such as the requirement to carry National Flood Insurance as well as other insurance.  Maybe the prospective buyer is conducting very thorough due diligence on the property and the sellers and is trying to find reasonable answers to the questions that arise.

Considering the history of the Witches and the Blue Sky Ranch, would there be questions or what?  What would you suppose the answers would be?  Reasonable or outrageous?

Moving on to the near death experience that is the San Jose chapter of the Academy for Psychic Studies, the website currently lists only a Summer Solstice Meditation - no classes.  That's not a surprise.  As there are only six staff members, hobbled by the ailments of age as well as brain-numbed by the the same crap they seek to disgorge on the unwary, what are the odds there are sufficient personnel to effectively operate a San Jose location as well as their HQ?

By my observation, the San Jose location is open maybe ONE night a week.  There is simply not enough SRF zombies to prowl the San Jose location for fresh brains to gobble more nights than that.

And that shortage of staph leaves SRF HQ as dry and barren as the rest of the SRF enclaves.

Take a look at this: the superior mental powers of the Witches of Ellsworth Street led them to the conclusion to conduct a special "Meditation for Women" class taught by Angela Silva herself.  Further deep thought produced the genius decision to launch the inaugural session on May 25 - the first day of Memorial Day Weekend!

Obviously, no one attended.  If you need more corroboration, here is a quote from the SRF website posted on May 26 - the second day of Memorial Day Weekend and the last fucking day anyone with two brain cells to rub together would want to consider a goddamn meditation class: 
Meditation for Women with Angela Silva

Still open on Saturdays at 1pm 

If you believe the Witches of Ellsworth Street are experiencing their own vision of Karma, well you have to admit, as did Reverend William Duby, the Witches have found Karma to be a bitch - because they have behaved as one.

Since they have retreated into a defensive posture, the Witches and their minions have reduced any possibility they could expand their evil empire to its former perverted glory.  How in the fuck can a motley crew of three wretched geriatrics and two wholly unappealing middle-aged tubs of lard possibly connect with the vital and youthful new recruits they need?  I'll bet a couple of semi-youthful male ex-members will return if they get the chance to chase down attractive young female prospective members.  I think a couple of the women ex-members would want to join the fun as well.  Fortunately for attractive young women everywhere, no former member would find it worthwhile to endure the Witches never-ending greed, insufferable domination and the daily floggings by Robin Dumolin just for a chance to do what they could do anywhere else.

But in the event old members return and they do make that connection, I snatched a comment from a fellow blogger about all the things the corpulent turd and his less-than-merry band will be teaching:

I'll break down how the various tools may even correspond to the states represented by "traditional" meditation.
Body Of Glass this might be seen as a state of clarity. Just being, and letting all emotions run freely. Although through the psychic protectionist proclivities of the BPI, it often became a tool to become armored and callous.
Golden Suns Gold Energy is common throughout many spiritual traditions. In fact, in may meditations now, I experience hypnogogic images with a gold background. This is not due to programming, and I remember the experience of such visual fields as a child after awaking from naps. However, at BPI the concept was mixed with the idea of "taking your energy back" from those who you had healed or leaked your psychic force to. As if people can steal your energy. I don't believe this to be true.
Running Energy Cosmic and earth energy are common concepts taught in Taoism, Chi Gong, and Ancient Esoteric Kung Fu. It has been scientifically proven that the earth has a certain frequency that matches the resonance of the human body and brain. However, BPI vilified Earth Energy claiming is was too rough, and that primarily Cosmic Energy should be run. This, I believe encouraged the bias towards mental energy, a lack of connection with the functions and instincts of the body. It also served in the mythology that body is subservient to Spirit.
Grounding This is a popular term now. And the technique involves connecting to gravity and the earths magnetic core. However, as taught by BPI, primarily a visualization it probably does nothing to get one more connected to one's body and mind.
Blowing Roses At BPI, psychics put negative energy in a mental image of a rose and blow it up. This might be akin to "Letting Go". But as taught, one could become addicted to blowing roses. It becomes an obsessive compulsive behavior like counting or repetitive praying without any real focused intention. The emphasis, as with many of the tools is on protection... getting rid of "the bad". Rather than directing will and action towards a real goal.
Center of Head Many traditions maintain that the Pineal gland is a psychic center. It does release seratonin, a chemical produced during dreams and related to substance induced psychedelic experiences. Centering has obvious benefits. But BPI said this was the one and only place to center. The result again, was a disconnection from other centers, such as the heart, and an overall disconnection from the sensations of the body (Feeling). In esoteric traditions, the Dantien is worked with as a primary center. Located below the navel. Other dantiens exist (corresponding to chakra) but in these traditions they maintain a healthy relationship to each other, none dominating or represented as the ideal center. The navel dantien is known as a center of feeling. Feeling is negated by many of the described tools.

Irony? or toilet paper stuck on their heel

This comment was posted right here on this very blog earlier in the week. I have held off directly commenting on it for a few reasons.  One of which was I had a hard time believing it and when I finally did, I still couldn't believe it.

Here's the comment:
                    Anonymous said...
A little birdie told me a couple of members have flown the cult.....One is the bishop!  The 2 crazy woman up top, have as many of us correctly pointed out or (easiest psychic reading ever to predict), systematically sabotaging the place! An easy excuse to cry lack of support so they could fold and pocket the millions in assets received from nearly 30 years off the sweat of the people they dupped. I SMELL A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

So apart from a class action (where I say: you got game?  let's bring it!) there is a really interesting thing this post brings up.  No not that the bishop has finally left the place that was bleeding her dry.  Not even that the bishop of the Spiritual Rights Foundation has finally had enough of the warm and nourishing exploitation of Robin Dumolin and Angela Silva.

Nope.  It's because the bishop was one of the parties to the defamation and libel action against this blog.  and that bishop was Debi Livingston-Boushey

For those of you new to this development: I answered with an anti-SLAPP motion and not only made them go back to their haunted house, I made them pay ME.

The thing I am still spinning around in my head is something that makes no damn sense.  It would make sense that the bishop of the Spiritual Rights Foundation would join a lawsuit against me if she were indeed legally injured.  It would make sense to have joined the Witches of Ellsworth Street in a lawsuit against me if the bishop was indeed a member of that axis of evil.

It just makes no sense that the bishop, who was a member of the losing party, who's own children wrote lame and ineffectual responses in an attempt to dodge the enormous legal bill the court was about to send, to suddenly leave the warm and nourishing kindergarten of the Spiritual Rights Foundation.

Or maybe it does makes sense.

I would propose that the two Witches of Ellsworth Street compelled the bishop to join in their losing effort so that a full show of farce would be shown (I mean force.  my bad).  I think the statements the children made in the defense of their mother, their spiritual mothers and their, uh, spiritual, well, OK it's Bill Duby (calling Bill what he truly is would be like calling him a child molester and I wouldn't want to call Reverend William Duby a child molester because no one testified that he was a child molester.  So, don't expect me to call him a child molester, OK?) was not just a transparent attempt to tug at the heartstrings of the court (which obviously didn't work) those statements were obviously compelled as well.  Using the follower's children as pawns to enforce the Witch's desires has been standard practice for as long as the children could speak in complete sentences.

Anyway, the bishop's departure from the cult we all know and hate puts the whole lawsuit into a very different light.  If the poor aggrieved Witches were indeed unfairly taken to task for abusive acts so untrue it would require legal action, the bishop would be faithfully standing by their side to this day.  If the warm and nourishing Spiritual Rights Foundation were all they say there are and if the Witches of Ellsworth were more like the Good Witch of the East than who they really are, this blog would have been crushed and the SRF empire would be in a very different state of affairs.

That anyone stuck around while the cult around them crumbled would indicate they either don't see what was happening around them, don't understand what is happening around them or don't care. 

Without exception, when a current cult member has seen, understood and started to care about what was going to happen to them personally, they leave.

Without exception, when a current cult member overlooks all that, they do exactly as directed by the Witches of Ellsworth.

But would the Bishop have been so deluded to have participated with her full enthusiasm or was she so entwined in the Witches vines of evil it took a long damn time to break free?

My guess: the Bishop was compelled to join in a sure-to-fail lawsuit and then required to relinquish not only her first-born but both her children for the Witches to use as human shields against the coming legal action against them.  That made her as much a victim of the Witches as anyone else.  I don't believe a legitimate or credible reward or arrangement was made with the Bishop.  I think she was just told to do it.

I believe when the Witches lost their case and had to cough up the dough, they gave the Bishop a bill for "her share" of the judgment.  I believe the Bishop was fully under control then had her moment of clarity at that point and began the process of sorting out and processing all the things that happened to her and all the ways she was exploited.  But that's all a blind, wild guess.  Who knows what the real story is (some, at least of the circumstances of the bishops departure are HERE - and I do strongly suspect she has been reading this blog for at least a short time).  I will say, if it's all true, it's good to see she has joined the club.

There is one thing I can't believe, though.  That a member of a cult joined a lawsuit against a dissident then later leave the cult is just amazing beyond belief.  So to that, I still can't believe what has certainly taken place - the breaking of the leadership ranks and the crumbling of the structure and foundation of the Academy for Psychic Studies.

No wonder the Witches of Ellsworth are walking around with toilet paper on their shoes.

What's even more ironic than the Bishop leaving the cult is: should she, her children or any current member want to make any kind of public statement in opposition to the Spiritual Rights Foundation, read said opposition or even have the right to do as she did - give them the finger and walk, their right to free speech was defended by the very person they are holding in the highest disdain: ME.

This blog continues the trail to freedom blazed by several other courageous and determined men and women.  Of course, I am not the first to have spoken out against the evil practices of the Spiritual Rights Foundation, but I am the first to have confronted the faces of evil and defeated the tyranny of petty despots.

That is my public service to the people of the Spiritual Rights Foundation and the world.  Should the petty tyranny of the Witches of Ellsworth Street extend beyond the wrought iron gate of their compound, our personal freedoms, our right to live without fear and undue intimidation, our right to conduct our lives in the manner we decide is in our own best interests would be not only trampled, it would evaporate.

If it is true that "Freedom is the Essence of Life" then freedom is here on this blog and life is here in the world we are proud to be a part of.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Academy for Psychic Studies - You Have to Give to Live

...and if you don't, SRF will make you wish you were dead.

Well, since no one is left at the Academy for Psychic Studies
this Christmas, Robin Dumolin won't have to
buy socks at the dollar store for presents.
So I guess I'll send her a stocking-stuffer -
a sock from the dollar store.
She'll get the other of the pair next year.


It's a common activity for most churches and one that the church, clergy and congregation look forward to performing.  Charity is one of the purposes of any church.  Neighborliness, acceptance, support and comfort are a few others purposes of a real church.

None of that was practiced at the Spiritual Rights Foundation and the Academy for Psychic Studies.

Those of us who were there know the church itself never gave to anyone.  Not one nickel of Robin and Angela's pile of nickels, dimes and quarters were ever distributed to the needy.  And those of us who have participated in this blog have stated that Spiritual Rights Foundation members who hit hard times are directed to the welfare office or given the locations of day laborer pickup spots before they are thrown out of their church-owned, rat-infested, dilapidated apartments.

But if there is no charitable activity at SRF, why then was the envelope passed around every time the faithful gathered?  And what was that envelope for? 

At times, the envelope was passed to raise money for worthy causes such as The Red Cross or other organizations.  That happened, oh, I believe maybe ONCE.  Or twice over the course of the twelve or so years I'll never get back.

Uh, anyway, the envelope was passed around for other, alternative worthy causes.  Causes like:
  • Bill Duby's birthday presents and party.  And Bill Duby's un-birthday present.  And Bill's near-birthday present.  Or for Bill's it's not really his birthday, but since you have some extra money lying around we want it so Bill can pimp his Winnebago.
  • Angela Silva's birthday bash and Queen-Sized present.
  • Robin Dumolin's birthday party where she feigns modesty while scrutinizing the value of each present "voluntarily offered" her.
  • The birthday of Bill's child - the one who has her father's mind and (at least, used to be) the heir-apparent of the cesspool.  I hope when it comes to having her father's mind, it skips a generation.
  • Farming equipment, feed, construction supplies, vehicles, upkeep, downtime, payments, under-the-table wages for the illegal immigrants working on the SRF farm - sorry, the "SRF farm" thing is incorrect.  It's actually Robin Dumolin and Angela Silva's farm.  I proved that in court conspiracy-heads.
I could go on with details but you get the idea: the only charity, the only giving, the only beneficiaries of the generosity of SRF's congregation are to those at the top of the dungheap.  Those people are Robin Dumolin and Angela Silva.

And Bill until he thankfully dropped as dead as a fly soaked with RAID.

If the Spiritual Rights Foundation and Academy for Psychic Studies would have matched the donations made by the congregation, maybe it wouldn't be so bad....

Well, it wouldn't be if those donations were sent to Haiti for earthquake victims or to Appalachia so kids can go to a decent school or to their own city so the hungry and homeless may live with basic human dignity.

What we saw was an envelope stuffed full of the follower's hard earned cash.  We saw how everyone was closely scrutinized as the envelope was thrust in front of them.  The leaders never praised those who gave but shamed those who paused before they gave or used the money to buy groceries or replace worn-out shoes.

We saw how few prospered.  We saw how only those who left the cult would own their own homes and drive comfortable but practical cars.  We saw how those who remained lived in fear every month over when and how much would be demanded from them

The envelope.  Thrust in front of every person.  A psychic camera hidden inside, reading your "giving attitude" and frequently misinterpreting your need for personal survival or your need to reach a personal goal as not just wisdom or practical frugality, but parsimony, miserliness, selfishness and greed.

Ironically, those viewing the camera's image often said "what you read in a picture is your own dirty mental image pictures."

If their statement is true or even if they mearly believe that statement is true (with no need to prove it) what does it say about those behind the camera when they see parsimony, selfishness, greed?

And what does it say about Robin Dumolin and Angela Silva when they are the ones who have "seen" those "bad attitudes" among their followers?

And why is it that the only ones who have exposed greed, selfishness, laziness, parsimony, miserliness, vanity, wrath, envy, pride and overall unwelcome behaviors are the two women at the top?

I say: "he who smelt it, dealt it"

What other tales of greed, or stories of greed or recollections of more greed do you have?   Did anyone else see through that psychic camera lens?

And (as disgusting as this image may be) did anyone see the empresses have no clothes?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Academy for Psychic Studies - We Who Are About to Die Salute You!

Yes, we are! 
Especially after reading the below comment:

So, when the Academy for Psychic Studies howls about how none of them can comment on any of my blogs they again show how untruthful that is.

The below commenter left this post on the Wordpress backup blog (which no one reads, by the way - it's just serving as a mirror of this one).

Of course, she blames us for dealing with the abuse and the exploitation while she sings faint praise for the organization that keeps her captive.

So once again their true colors shine brightly as they piss themselves in public.  I think that tactic was not to conceal this person's urethral discharge from us, it is either to keep it obscure so the Witches of Ellsworth Street would not see it or because she is too fucking careless to notice if she is on the main site or not.

As for her claim of writing "all over the net" such hyperbole is still a defining characteristic of those leading, following or drooling incomprehensible  garbage on behalf of the Academy for Psychic Studies.

I mean, finding my writings on only one of the, oh I don't know, BILLIONS of  web sites available seems to fall short of any claim of it being anywhere but here.

It is well known that Academy for Psychic Studies staph or their decrepit students are barred from making public statements. We should know. That restriction  was spelled out in the scam "contract" we signed at gunpoint.  The penalty for speaking publicly, speaking out of turn, or speaking any fucking time was immediate conviction by the Academy Kangaroo Kourt, application of disproportionate fines and sentencing to any manner of cruel and unusual punishment the Witches of Ellsworth Street can imagine.

So, it's simultaneously frightening and funny enough you'll laugh till you piss to see how this unfortunate and deluded long time staph member has unwittingly proved that long term association with the Academy for Psychic Studies and the Witches of Ellsworth Street is not only bad for your bank account, it's bad for your perspective on reality.

You'll notice also, this person, oh fuck it's SHERRY KIRSCHNER,  hopes we are being healed "as they spew their negative energy out into the universe." Well, as this blog is the one forum that stands as the bastion of our First Amendment rights allowing us to release the decades of  abuse, exploitation, mind control and overall mean treatment in public (as it should be), I guess the victim's outrage and his right of expression pales in comparison to the desire of a current follower to continue her psychotic delusions undisturbed. 

On the other hand, throwing that crap back to the universe for the universe to sort out is not only exactly what we were taught, that it upsets the originator of the "negative energy" when it returns to him or her (also as we were taught), this blog must have returned back to Sherry her fair share of spiritual and cosmic shit. Don't worry, it will make its way back to the Witches in due course.

I guess the telling statements in Sherry's comment is the statement pleading we join her and her delusional colleagues in denial and ignorance today so death may be faced without guilt, shame, possessions, children, a comfortable home, a shred of self-respect and autonomy or a fucking shovel to dig the hole.  As Head Psychotic Bill Duby prepared his followers to receive their reward only in the afterlife, why tell anyone they can benefit now?

Commenting here is also an omen, If you think about it - a bad one. For every deluded Academy for Psychic Studies follower who commented on this or any of the anti-Academy blogs - the anonymous staph-ie, the bishop's kids and various followers who missed their medication have all parted ways with the Academy after posting a derogatory comment.

So maybe there's hope for Sherry yet.

This is a pretty sick person who writes these words all over
the net and I pray that he can reconcile his feelings before 
he drops his body so he does not have to go to his next step 
with these vibrations hanging all over him.

None of what this person says is reality for me. I've been friends 
of the people at the Spiritual Rights Foundation for a very long time 
and I thank God for it. They help me be a better person.

I'm really sorry for the people who left SRF feeling anger, 
resentment and revenge and I hope they are getting healed 
as they spew their negative energy out into the universe. 
I'd rather send love wishes to them and wish them the very best.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Academy for Psychic Studies - Scien-Rosecruci-tology

So, I went to get my vision checked today.  The doc was great.  When he inspected my current lenses he said "do you really like these progressive lenses?"

Me: "they suck"

Doc: "Yeah. When you try to combine distance lenses with close-in lenses like that, it's a compromise and you can't see shit near or far."

That kind of sets up something I've been thinking about Bill Duby, his Witches and the unfortunate few who are still stinking up the place.  Mostly, though, I was thinking about the crap Bill Duby spewed as his own psychic revelations and spiritual inspirations.  It's all a compromise.

A hodge-podge of various teachings of diverse and varied beliefs all mashed into one perverse and idiotic mess of blurry and uninspiring crap.

Basically, for those who haven't seen the Academy for Psychic Studies brand of spiritual sewage, you'll find the stuff you flush is more attractive and truthful than the what you'll find at the Academy

OK, so there has been much said about what is taught at the Academy for Psychic Studies and its similarities to Scientology.

And for you turds who believe I mistook a plaque made in honor of Lewis Bostwick (Rev. Bill Duby's make-believe mentor - kind of like your five-year-old's make believe friend) for one in honor of L. Ron Hubbard, stop reading now as you could possibly go psychotic when you get to the rest of this post.

First, the obvious:  "Reverend" Bill Duby was at the very least, enamored with Scientology.  Bill often quoted L. Ron Hubbard's observation: to really make money, start a church.  So Bill did - make money, that is.  We already know he started a scam church.

Bill used some of the techniques his pretend mentor L. Ron Hubbard allegedly used.  I say allegedly as I have never been to Scientology and I am damned sure Bill Duby didn't get any closer to Hubbard than he did with Lewis Bostwick - unless Lewis Bostwick giving Bill a kick in the ass counts as a close relationship.

After whipping up collective maniacal enthusiasm for one of his rambling psychotic delusions, Bill would go on and on about the evil disembodied spirits infesting our bodies and that those spirits were hell-bent on impeding your personal growth.  Worse, evil spiders and malicious snakes were transported from other worlds in distant galaxies to trespass into your psychic space, causing harm in your "space" and repelling other psychotics who come to your aid.

As for the psychic readings, the positions we took (seated, facing each other) with the reader doing most of the insulting (I mean, provision of spiritual insight.  My bad...)  with the "read-ee" having to sit motionless while they have to inhale B.O. and farts was probably the only thing in common with Scientology.  Those readings were pretty similar to the readings conducted in gypsy wagons.

As far as I can see (again based on what I see online, not from actual experience) Bill's opinion that otherworldly beings inhabit our personal space and that only he had the cure for our ills is the only damn thing I can see that is all that similar to Scientology.

Thank God.

Although Bill thought he was teaching Scientology (down to the point where he said on two occasions "You guys didn't know you were learning Scientology, did you?") he had no fucking idea what the hell he was talking about.  I think Bill used the spectre of Scientology as a method to deceive us into giving Bill the kind of legitimacy he always wanted but could never earn using his own thoughts and delusions.

There are a few other things Bill was feeding us as well.  Those things came from another place.  A place without the sinister reputation as Scientology but also somewhat mysterious. 

The Rosicrucians have a doctrine on healing the sick with some critters called "invisible helpers".  These helpers are also without bodies but they work to cure the sick of their ills.  Of course, helpers can only help remove illness and discomfort.  Helpers need other invisible beings who are qualified psychic physicians or "surgeons".

And of course, the sacred symbol of the Rosicrucians is the rose.

Think back to when the Witches and the Psychotic Founder showed us all how to perform psychic healings.  A rose in front of our flaccid countenance   Allowing a healing guide to attach to one hand and a healing psychic surgeon to attach to the other. 

That's not a Scientology-inspired technique.  It's stolen straight from the Rosicrucians. 

But what about the rest, you might ask?

The "advanced" psychotic delusions Bill Duby defecated onto his unwitting flock was nothing more than his take on L. Ron Hubbard's writings on Dianetics and whatever else, the dribs and drabs that the Berkeley Psychic Institute allowed him to see (before they heaved him out the door) and whatever crap Robin Dumolin saw on Oprah.

If you were to take the time to listen to all of the recorded digital discharge urinated from the Academy's publishing arm Health and Wealth, you'd notice a distinct similarity between all the materials - they just take a certain situation and tell you: you can heal, you are whole, you are perfect.

Just take one thing and repeat it a hundred times, it becomes truth by default.  It becomes real only from repetition and the fact you can't get that goddamn earworm out of your head.

So what about all the crap spewed out by Bill Duby, the Witches of Ellsworth Street and the staph members who are experiencing a slow, painful death as they wallow in the mire of the Academy for Psychic Studies?

It's simple: it was crap from the day it was conceived, it stayed crap throughout its lifetime and not a damn one of them understands any of it.

Nor will they ever.

So it makes you wonder why the fuck anyone would believe it now or ever.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Today's Title: Entitlement

Happy Days: Robin Dumolin found her new husband!
Now she's looking for a bottle of poison...

You know, when there are two people in the world who think they can have whatever they want because they want it, there's got to be a reason why.

I mean, who grows up thinking like that?  Oh, right...

Well apart from that, how did the Witches of Ellsworth Street gain a sense of entitlement so strong, they had no qualms about doing things like demand money from their followers to pay for things they wanted (and could afford anyway), pay for things their Golden Child wanted (which the Witches could afford anyway), not pay for things they needed like a new public image that would at least take the stink off their cesspool and do crazy shit like file a sure-to-lose lawsuit and build illegal construction that would certainly be reported.

I won't be doing the Sigmund Freud thing and look into their childhoods and parentage.

I'll just start the story from point of hook-up.  It's when the Witches of Ellsworth Street got themselves in with a street hustler, card cheat and madman.  That guy, of course, is Bill Duby.

According to Bill, one of his friends came up to him and asked if he would get a woman out of the "nut house".  Bill said he had no idea it was Angela Silva but went to get her anyway.  After that fateful event, according to Bill, he "couldn't get rid of her".

As Bill became more and more psychotic he traveled along the path of spiritual enlightenment.  One of those events involved Angela.  According to her, Bill took her by the hand as they embarked on a trip into the light.  Bill took her out of her body.  The walls of their ramshackle apartment appeared to be breathing, Angela claims she was up in a high corner of the room and could see her own body lying on the bed.

Someone calls that a psychic enlightenment.  I call it an LSD trip.

I have heard that description from several people who took LSD - walls breathing, their spirit floating while they were lying down.  Worst of all, that trip kept coming back long after the LSD wore off.  Something in their noggins switched.

Paradoxically, Bill claimed over and over again he would have to tie up Angela and beat her to unconsciousness to prevent her from using drugs.  Also paradoxically, Bill would tell tales of Angela pulling a gun on her ex-husband after he imprisoned her in their home and beat her.  How Bill managed to avoid getting shot is anyone's guess.  Actually, how Bill figured out Angela pulled a gun on her ex and how she came to get a gun at that time was anyone's guess as well (although Angela is said to keep a rusty .38 Special in her home currently).

After establishing his psychotic school, Bill Duby was awash in young women eager to please their spiritual leader.  Maybe a little too eager.  Two young women were notable.  They were named "trouble one" and "trouble two".  I don't recall who was who but I do know the names of one of the trouble twins.

Robin Dumolin.

Bill's next tall tale was the time he says he saw Robin.  She came in with another man (who was related somehow to another notable former member - I don't remember who) and was said to be either married or engaged with him.  Robin was also said to be somewhat of a nerd.

Bill claims Robin was being mistreated by her lover and Bill, being the kind, gentle and caring man he is, swept Robin off her feet, expelled her lover from SRF and introduced Robin to a whole new level of mistreatment.

Unfortunately for us, that involved Robin being elevated to the position of Vice President of the Spiritual Rights Foundation, under Angela Silva as President and over us as no-account shitheels.

Now, Bill's master plan was complete.

With the Witches of Ellsworth Street firmly implanted as the not only the co-leaders of the Spiritual Rights Foundation and empowered to do whatever they damn well pleased, the Witches were also Bill's full-time cohorts.

In order to keep his followers following, Bill used his con man skills to weave a tale of spirituality so convoluted and so esoteric, no one could understand it.  So of course, if we couldn't understand it, we weren't as enlightened.  If we weren't as enlightened, we have to listen to him even more.

However, the one thing Bill could not endure was the task of keeping his flock right where he wanted them.  That required muscle.  Psychotic muscle.  When you are taking money from your marks, your really don't want them to think you are taking their money.

So, Bill assigned that task to everyone else.  Especially his two cohorts.

What was worse (for us anyway) was Bill's inherent paranoia.  As Bill was taking Social Security payments for his psychiatric diseases he was afraid his income would be cancelled if he made money from SRF.  Of course Bill totally missed that he could make one hell of a lot more on an SRF ministerial stipend than his 800 dollar SSI payment - and it would be tax-free as well.  Fucking idiot...

As that explanation made no damn sense to me at the time, I wondered what in hell would keep him out of the SRF businesses while spending whatever he damn well pleased on whatever the hell he wanted.

For Bill, after he was accused of molesting Angela's daughter, he made payoffs to his accusers so he can keep his ass out of San Quentin and his potential cellmate out of his asshole.  According to legend, Bill resigned his SRF directorial position and maintained a distance from SRF's business affairs so he would officially have no assets.  That maneuver would discourage any lawsuit (for just about any reason) as it would be not worth the time and expense of filing suit against a man who has nothing and has little prospect of having anything.

Gee, I guess I have to feel great the Witches tried to sue me and Joy.  That means we have enough net worth to hold the Witches' interest.  And they say they don't try to take people's assets...

Anyway, with Bill out of the SRF business picture there was practically no one who could keep a leash on the Witches when it came to using SRF money.  And boy did they use it.

Bill would proudly announce how his women were well taken care of and that we low-life shitbirds need to follow his lead and do likewise.

What Bill didn't say was his women were taken care of by our money and our labor.

Bill used his manic tears to envision new money-making ventures for "SRF".  Without exception, these ventures were headed by one or both of the Witches of Ellsworth Street.  Also without exception, these ventures were providing the Witches with money while the Witches did little to no work.  And if the SRF enterprise Liberty Construction is a model (and I'm sure it is) a percentage of the income (that's not profits, it's income before expenses like wages are paid) went directly into Robin and Angela's cauldron.

While all this skulduggery was going on, Bill made wild and likely exaggerated claims that Angela had superior spiritual powers and such a connection with God Himself that she was second only to St. Peter in piety and psychic wisdom.

I forget what he said about Robin.  Probably "pay her, or else..."

Bill's wild and too-true-to-be-real stories about his Witches not only elevated their status in the eyes of the followers but inflated the egos of the Witches to the point where we had to serve their wants and needs far before our own needs and aspirations could be fulfilled.

Who needed a new car?  The followers had to do it the hard way and settle for whatever they could get for their meager budgets.  The Witches could buy any new car any damn time they wanted.  Clothes?  Followers were literally buying off-the-rack at the Salvation Army and Goodwill.  The Witches shopped at Macy's and other fine department stores.  How about real estate?  Only the older couples who owned their homes well before they were entrapped at SRF held real estate.   The rest could never even come close to owning a home -  at least not until they could escape safely.  We know the Witches held the SRF Blue Sky Ranch.  Who knows what else they are holding.  Oh right... all the real estate SRF owns.

While Bill's followers were routinely going broke, his Witches were routinely getting their hands on more money.  Angela was famous for dropping a gigantic, thick envelope in the tithe basket (to inspire the shitheels to give more)  - then fishing it back out when no one was looking.  Robin was regularly seen counting money.  We thought it was her job to keep the money flowing for our well being.  Actually, she kept the money flowing for her own well being.

The Witches traveled in comfort using Bill's luxury RV or one of their luxury cars.  They provided slimy and barely-edible slop for the followers while they dined on steak.  Expenses for health care, dental work, even Angela Silva's botox and facelifts were hardly a care for the Witches while the followers depended on assistance from the public health system.

Life at the top of the SRF garbage heap was good.  So good, there should have been no need to rock the boat and risk sinking the ship.

Unfortunately, that's not how the Witches think.

Despite their comfortable position, the Witches craved more and more and more:  More money.  More power.  More adulation.  More compliance.

And it's that level of greed that is the Witches' downfall.  Their hunger for money and their urge to abuse their position power to manipulate even their closest comrades was intended to spur their victims into working harder and motivate them into doing all the idiotic things necessary to put them back into the Witches' good graces.  That, of course, is impossible if you think about it.  And instead of motivating the followers for even more work, more money, more running in circles and more loving support, it just motivated followers to walk out the door, leaving the Witches standing alone at a leaky cauldron.

The events of the last few years have borne that out.  What with the church bishop and head of their formerly lucrative ISHI Hypnosis scam leaving due to the Witches cutting her monthly stipend to zero and her share of ISHI Hypnosis revenues to less than one fifth (and recovering by way of charging rent on the bishop's church-owned apartment as well as other charges) with their most enthusiastic female follower running like hell and their general membership crashing down to a single digit, I'd have to say the Witches of Ellsworth Street have been demonstrating what they have been doing well for years: taking advantage of people and pissing them off.

Those who wanted a bit of the good life that was denied them for decades were so degraded and exploited, they finally answered the alarm clock and jumped in the shower.  Their awakening allowed them to see the Witches as exactly who they are: mean, evil and greedy (I guess that could be the names of the remaining SRF board members).

I think it's telling that the only remaining active board member is an endomorph whose own lack of character is legendary; and his own lust for power and vengeance is fed by his obsequious loyalty to the Witches who simultaneously reward and exploit him.  Bill Duby kept talking about "birds of a feather" or in his terms "like attracts like".  With a board of directors as homogeneous as this, you can expect you'll be treated like dirt.

But that really illustrates how the Witches think: when two women are elevated to the level of gods, when their positions allow them unabated power over their followers and when those women abuse their power only to gain advantage over their flock, it's more than a situation of uncontrolled and unrestrained despotism.  

It's more like the Brides of Frankenstein have got loose and are dragging their monster behind them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Academy for Psychic Studies - Ejected

At the Academy for Psychic Studies, it costs to stay,
it even costs to get thrown out.

One of the rare blessings the Witches of Ellsworth Street can bestow upon their weary flock is the blessing of being tossed out the door of the Academy for Psychic Studies.

Now of course (as is their usual practice) that ejection from that spiritual haven is made with as much trauma as they can possibly muster.  The unfortunate victim is generally summoned to a private meeting in one of the cult's torture facilities with the Witches or their hit-man so they can hear first-hand how he or she has failed in their spiritual duty to keep Robin Dumolin's day spa treatments paid for or Angela Silva's QVC account in the black.

Some are tossed because of the relentless pressure to pay more and more and more.  Others are expelled for reasons that make no damn sense at all.

I've known of people being shown the door just because they are "not teachable".  Translation: "you still have a mind of your own".  Mostly, they aren't dumb enough to accept all of the psychotic ramblings of the Academy for Psychic Studies and worse, they don't shell out the ridiculous fees demanded to participate in more psychotic training and mind control.

Quite a few people are told "you are too powerful for the place".  What that means is: "we don't really know why we don't like you, but we don't like you". There's not much to say after that.

Two such people were a couple of gals who were pretty much from the inner city.  You can tell from their dress and demeanor.  While they were treated with suspicion, I actually liked them and spent some time with them.  Maybe they weren't all the cult leaders wanted in a follower but they seemed good enough to me.

When Angela Silva got a cold call from a mortgage broker, she immediately believed those two paid a ton of money to enroll in the Clairvoyant Training Program for the purpose of stealing Angela's mail and making a fraudulent loan application.  If you think about the circumstances, you'll see that was just plain idiotic.

Why pay money to steal mail when you can come around to a healing clinic for free to steal mail?  Why would they give Angela's phone number to a mortgage guy if they wanted to get the money?  And as this happened during the mortgage mess, why didn't Angela Silva, psychic extraordinaire who can sniff out a lie a mile away, figure out it was just another scam call?

Nope.  Angela Silva ordered the two gals to be ejected immediately and the bigger, fatter and obnoxious males were dispatched to intercept the two at the door and tell them "you are too powerful for the place" and chase them down the street to the door of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  No kidding. We were told to send the two to BPI.

People were ejected in gruff and perfunctory manners regularly.  Being told they are too powerful, unteachable or just plain un-liked.  Some were just shown the door when the were too overwhelmed with personal issues to spend all their waking and sleeping hours doing the Witches' bidding.

Every one of them paid the price upon ejection.

Bills for imaginary unpaid debts continued to be sent.

Some report bills were sent to their mailbox monthly and out of some sense of duty, they were paid.

Others paid an even bigger price.

The sense of betrayal, loss and humiliation at the manner of their ejection triggered PTSD symptoms, depression or other mental or emotional conditions.  Some still struggle with those issues.

A few try to hang on, attending the sham "church" services or the useless "healing clinics" in the hope they may find some redemption.  Of course, they attend whatever events they can and pay out whatever is demanded of them. Even with the regular payment of hundreds of dollars a month, there's no redemption - but the Witches cash the checks anyway.

Some try to re-enter after their ejection.  None of those people ever stayed.  I guess the second time around opened their eyes.

I know of one person who left somewhat disappointed as their experience with the cult was much less than desired.  Nice call.  However a few months later, that person returned saying all her friends were in the cult.  Her involvement in the cult took so much of her time, her usual circle of friends abandoned her.

Now all the persons I have seen leave the cult experienced a trauma and were in the grips of fear when they left.  It's the indoctrination of the cult that sets up that awful situation.

Not only did the psychotic founder expound on the dangers of leaving the cult, so did the Witches.  Their motivations weren't so much concern for your emotional health, they just wanted to make the prospect of leaving the Academy's atmosphere of mind control and exploitation so traumatic and daunting, anyone who escaped their clutches would have to pay in a manner that costs far more than money.

The final group who departed this spiritual shitheap were, as a whole, in fear of the outside world.  I know several who say they stayed because of fear.  Fear of the things freedoms provides.  Fear of planning their own lives.  Fear of making their own decisions.

One such person was gripped in fear until the Bishop made the decision to make her way out the door.  Now that person has embraced her own life and is living it to the fullest.  She's still damned afraid of retaliation by the witches, though and while I am sure she has read this blog, there's no way she'll ever acknowledge it.

And that is what awaits the new recruit of the Academy for Psychic Studies.  The love-bombing and good vibes the newbie feels at the beginning of his journey last long enough to ensnare his soule and capture his mind.  Then it is a life of indentured servitude and prostration to the whims of the Witches.  If you don't like that - well, there's the door and the world the Witches put you in fear of awaits to exploit and defame you just as bad as you'll find in the Academy.

When leaving an organization is more frightening than joining, when the prospect of being removed at a moment's notice for imaginary reasons is ever-present, what is the sense in joining in the first place?

And what would you think when a spiritual haven like the Academy for Psychic Studies creates the fear of leaving them, then uses that fear to ensure your departure is as traumatic as possible?

Yeah, I wouldn't want to join either.